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The Ultima RS is the new range-topping model from the boutique British automaker best known for the Ultima GTR. It debuts at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, but interested buyers can pre-order one from the company's site, now.

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The Ultima RS' design takes inspiration from the Group-C-era of endurance racing in the 1980s and 1990s, including notable machines like the Porsche 956 and Jaguar XJR-12. Compared to the company's earlier models, the new model's exterior puts an emphasis on increasing downforce and improving airflow. To achieve this, there are pieces like a chassis-mounted front splitter, vortex generators, large rear diffuser, and swan-neck-mounted rear wing. 


Customers have several power options – all of which use General-Motors-sourced V8 engine. The base model is the LT1 6.2-liter V8 with 480 horsepower (358 kilowatts). There's also the LT4 supercharged 6.2-liter V8 with 650 hp (485 kW). The RS with the LT5 supercharged 6.2-liter V8 comes standard with 800 hp (597 kW), but Ultima offers tuning of the mill up to 1,200 hp (895 kW).

The only available gearbox is a six-speed manual, and Ultima's FAQ about the RS makes it clear that an automatic gearbox isn't going to ever be on the options list. "The Ultima RS is a real driver’s car and therefore is only available with a six-speed manual shift gearbox and a clutch pedal," the company writes

The RS is a track-focused machine, but Ultima offers options to make it a little more friendly on the road, including air conditioning, navigation, rearview camera, parking sensors, and leather- or Alcantara-upholstered seats with lumbar support. LED headlights with running lights are also available.

The RS is available in left- or right-hand drive, and Ultima is shipping them worldwide. They are not road-legal everywhere but can be driven on the street in some countries.

Source: Ultima via Facebook, Ultima

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Welcome to the new Ultima RS
The fastest, most versatile, stylish and aerodynamic Ultima ever made.

Ultima Sports Ltd has pushed the Ultima legacy to its highest point ever with the launch of the new Ultima RS. This new flagship model is a supercar that’s overwhelmingly capable, delivering the fastest, most sophisticated, stylish and most advanced performance package to date. The Ultima RS is the crowning glory of 35 years of successful Ultima history and the finest expression of Ultima’s core DNA.
The Ultima RS is the most thorough and comprehensive revision of the road legal Ultima supercar ever to be released.

Function’s finest form

The commandingly aggressive stance with its muscular and timeless Group C Le Mans inspired lines to the extensive use of carbon fibre, the new Ultima RS was designed with one purpose in mind: performance. From the stunningly crafted roof scoop, carbon-fibre side splitters and sculpted front splitter which both feature intelligently integrated vortex generators, to the new swan neck top mounted full width carbon fibre rear wing option – each is meticulously crafted to reduce weight. Their shapes are every bit as functional as they are stunning and each has been honed to perfection as a result of extensive testing in MIRA’s full size wind tunnel.
Unfiltered and instinctive. At its heart can be found the latest Chevrolet V8 LT euro 6 compliant direct fuel injection powerplant options - ranging from the 480bhp LT1, 650bhp LT4 and 800bhp supercharged LT5 (as seen in the factory demo car). Finally, the new supercharged LT5 powerplant can be further tuned to a hypercar power capability of up to a staggering 1200bhp. Vitally, the chassis and controls communicate so vividly with the driver that you can truly exploit the extraordinary performance potential.

Let us introduce you to the most aerodynamic, fastest and versatile Ultima ever made.

Fastest Ultima ever

In terms of the design, the Ultima RS has been focused on increasing downforce and aerodynamic performance as well as increasing cooling and airflow. This can be seen in the striking design and in the extensive range of new aerodynamic elements such as the integrated chassis-mounted front splitter, front dive planes, quad wheel arch vents, vortex generators, NACA ducts, aggressive side scoops and large diffuser at the rear.





Extra cooling for the powertrain and brakes is realised by means of the additional air channels in the nose, rear fenders and roof. The design of the front canopy reduces the frontal area to a minimum and also adds a lower co-efficient of drag, at the same time controlling air flow over the leading edge and maintaining a boundary layer over most surfaces. All of these factors contribute towards providing the Ultima RS with a handling balance and finesse never witnessed before. Total downforce and the ability to shift the aerodynamic balance front or rear are the guiding principles. These elements create the optimal dynamic attributes to produce the ultimate driver’s car.





The RS features bespoke Ultima designed and branded 19” lightweight forged wheels front and rear to suit the latest crop of Michelin high performance tyres. The wheels have been exclusively manufactured and tailored for our application with a no compromise approach.

The new larger diameter AP 362mm grooved brake discs and upgraded 6-pot brake calipers, designed specifically for the new technical parameters of the RS model by the world renowned AP Racing, give a boost to the braking performance to make the Ultima RS one of the quickest decelerating supercars of the modern era. 100mph to zero braking time is an astonishing 3.3secs.

Lightweight. This has been one of the most important of Ultima's core values for 35 years now. Many of the new optional RS aero features are manufactured in stunning lightweight carbon fibre to maximise weight saving and robustness.
The new Ultima RS has the overall performance capability to surpass all previous world-beating track times and performance statistics set by the previous generation Ultima cars. In celebrated Ultima tradition the RS has the potential to outrun every other road going hypercar on the planet, a clean sweep of every production road car world speed record is not a pipe dream with the formidable Ultima RS.

The most versatile Ultima ever
Aside from all the technical and aesthetic innovations, the RS is above all a versatile sports car. As well as being pure and blisteringly fast, it’s also ideal for touring in comfort. To this end, the driver can select from a wide range of options.
These vary from a new front ride height hydraulic lift kit system to a brand-new stainless steel exhaust system giving the driver the option of switching between a truly thunderous V8 soundtrack or a more comfortable tone.

Another first is the new LED latest generation bespoke front and rear light clusters, featuring in-built fan circulation control with sequential turn signals, DRL front and rear with start up and shut down sequencing features.

New grey tinted glazing and custom made RS branded luggage bags add to the increased level of usability and sophistication.

Other RS road car luxuries include air conditioning, Alpine in-car entertainment system, Bluetooth, satnav, rear view camera, parking sensors, heated windscreen, pneumatic seat lumbar supports with a comprehensive range of leather and alcantara cockpit trim packages.

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Each and every feature is personal and bespoke, yet never making sacrifices in terms of the top performance and ultimate driving experience for which Ultima has been renowned.

Beastly, fast and ultra-lightweight. The Ultima RS is a rare breed and an expression of freedom and independence. Whether on the race track or a winding mountain road, it’s just you, your Ultima RS and nothing else …





The Ultima RS is the brainchild of Ultima Sports Ltd director Richard Marlow and is the result of an immensely enjoyable and skilled teamwork mission at the factory together with collaboration with some of the finest talent in the industry.
Richard Marlow commented

"Along with general manager at the factory Andrew Hopkins, we both had a vision and deep passion to manufacture our ultimate incarnation of Ultima utilising all of our extensive knowledge at the factory which we have collated over our years of success. The first port of call to achieving this goal was to hire the services of renowned sports car build design engineer, Steve Smith, who was instrumental during our formative years in the creation of the Ultima brand as we know it today. Steve was hired to be the lead engineer in the design and development of the Ultima RS vision, working closely with our team of factory technicians. Such has been the success and mutual benefit of this collaboration, that Steve is now a regular team member here at Ultima Sports Ltd, helping with ongoing Ultima RS production.
"Regarding the new LT direct fuel injection engine options, we successfully collaborated with engineering experts, Autobionics, who delivered to us a production engine package tailored to the Ultima RS design that was engineered to perfection. Autobionics also transferred to us all of the ongoing production/sales rights for the Ultima LT engine package installation system, consisting of a new in-tank fuel system, cooling system, air induction system, stainless steel exhaust system and engine wiring system. We are the first low volume car manufacturer in the world to utilise the latest immensely powerful GM Chevrolet V8 LT5 supercharged crate engine which develops over 800bhp in standard format in our Ultima platform.

"We’re confident the new Ultima RS has the performance capability to wipe the floor with every road going supercar on the planet. The RS is a modern interpretation of the Ultima supercar, utilising new technology and aero knowledge which cements the future of our marque. We are already one of the most successful British independent low volume hand-built sports car manufacturers, with a long and enviable history. We know exactly what it takes to prosper in the industry that we love. Our new Ultima RS halo model is our vision of the perfect road going supercar.
"Most manufacturers seem intent on installing as many new technological driving aids into their cars as they can, steadily numbing the very feel that a sports car driver craves. To us, that’s almost sacrilege because the less input the driver has, the less they can enjoy the pure thrill of driving. That is not the Ultima way, and the results speak for themselves in the release photos. What we have achieved with the design of the new Ultima RS model is the proudest moment in our 35 year history. There is a craving amongst true driving enthusiasts for the adrenaline pumping analogue sports cars that we produce and there has never been a better time to launch this new Ultima RS flagship model."

See the new Ultima RS in the flesh at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed 4th-7th July 2019 showcased on the main stage in the supercar paddock located near to the hill climb start line courtesy of Michelin Tyres.





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ULTIMA RS Specification
Fully updated spaceframe using mainly 38mm x 1.5mm diameter tube
Market leading torsional rigidity
Fully welded roll cage in 45mm CDS with welded rear braces
Powder coated in satin black
Panelled in 1.5mm NS4 alloy sheet
Full car width 1780mm double element design in carbon fibre, designed with excellent rearward visibility. 9 different angle of attack adjustment positions starting at -2deg up to a maximum angle of +14degs. Curved carbon fibre wing end plates. Mounted on swan neck mounts which now transfer downforce directly to the chassis
Full size wind tunnel tested
Unpainted GRP finished in immaculate gel coat finish utilising the latest advances in pigment technology
Front canopy reprofiled to suit 19” wheels, with front active aero via twin exit vents, front wheel arch vents in body colour or carbon fibre option, radiator exit spine divider option, new front canopy hinge motion system to maximize maintenance access, additional venting
Carbon fibre Ultima RS front splitter option with built in vortex generators
Carbon fibre Ultima RS front dive planes option
Carbon fibre Ultima RS brake ducts option with turning vanes
Carbon fibre Ultima RS side splitters option with built in vortex generators
Carbon fibre Ultima RS side scoops with integral NACA ducts option
Carbon fibre Ultima RS wheel arch vents
Carbon fibre Ultima RS centre section mounted wing mirrors option
Carbon fibre Ultima RS rear diffuser option
Rear canopy reprofiled to suit 19” wheels, with built in twin NACA ducts, rear wheel arch vents in body colour or carbon fibre option, reprofiled to accommodate a new roof scoop arrangement and large rear diffuser, additional rear wheel venting, new integral bespoke spring-loaded locking system for the rear canopy
Roof scoop option Le Mans style designed in the wind tunnel to provide a more efficient cold air engine intake, no extra drag with increased frontal area
Ultima RS badges recessed flush into body panels
Rear view camera and parking sensors option
Carbon fibre Ultima RS sills option
Ultima RS branded leather/alcantara seats with new seat grommets to accommodate 75mm width seatbelts
Leather/alcantara dashboard
Lumbar support pneumatic for base of seats option
Ultima RS branded instruments colour coded option
AIM MXS digital dash and data logging option with carbon fibre shroud
Carpet for the floor and rear bulkhead with colour-coded piping option
Leather trimmed roll cage option with contrasting stitching
Air conditioning
Stainless steel handbrake lever
Ultima RS branded luggage bag set
Simpson 75mm seat belts option
Steering wheel mounted wireless switch gear
Satin black anodized switch gear with red illumination
Satin black anodized machined billet quick gear shifter with reverse lock out and grey anodized gear knob
Alpine in-car entertainment system with satellite navigation and Bluetooth option
Front ride height lift kit dashboard mounted button controls option
Ultima RS individually numbered build plaque
New LED latest generation bespoke Ultima RS front and rear light clusters, in-built fan circulation temperature control with sequential turn signals, DRL front and rear, start up and shut down sequencing feature, ergonomically designed
Laminated glass. Full USA and European certified
Heated windscreen option
Ultima RS side screens and headlight covers grey tinted
TIG welded double unequal length wishbones with extended length front wishbones
Alloy uprights in LM25
Fully adjustable custom-made Ultima RS coil spring dampers for bump, rebound and ride height. Revised specification to suit the new Ultima RS 19” standard wheels geometry
Ultima RS front ride height hydraulic lift kit option
Alloy sports Ultima RS quick ratio steering rack 2.1 turns lock to lock
Standard: AP 322mm curved vane vented discs all round with 4-pot calipers
Optional: Larger Ultima RS brake fitment of 362mm x 32mm curved vane discs all round with 6-pot calipers
Adjustable brake bias front to rear. All stainless steel TUV hoses
Chevrolet V8 LS (LS3/LS7/LSA) and Chevrolet V8 LT (LT1/LT4/LT5) direct fuel injection from 430bhp to over 1200bhp (LT5 tuned)
New stainless steel exhaust system for the Chevrolet V8 LT engine which is both noise and emission compliant. Available with an optional interchangeable silencer delete X Pipe for those clients requiring a truly thunderous V8 soundtrack
Porsche six speed manual transaxle with anodized black machined billet quick shifter cable change system
Bespoke design forged lightweight 19” alloy one-piece Ultima RS wheels with Ultima RS centre caps and Ultima RS engraving
OE fitment Michelin 19" Pilot Sport Cup 2 and Pilot Sport 4S options
Performance (LT5 V8 ULTIMA RS):
2.3 secs
4.8 secs
1.5 secs
8.9 secs
8.7 secs
Standing quarter mile:
9.2 secs @ 156mph
Top speed:
250+ mph (gearing limited)
Performance (LT4 V8 ULTIMA RS):
2.5 secs
5.2 secs
1.7 secs
10.1 secs
9.1 secs
Standing quarter mile:
9.8 secs @ 144mph
Top speed:
210+ mph (gearing limited)
Performance (LT1 V8 ULTIMA RS):
3.0 secs
6.2 secs
2.3 secs
12.9 secs
10.1 secs
Standing quarter mile:
11.2 secs @ 131mph
Top speed:
180+ mph
Ground clearance:
120mm adjustable (160mm with optional front lift kit activated)
930kg (dependant on options selected)

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