2018 Infiniti QX80 4WD Review: Going Mainstream

Verdict 6.0 / 10

– Cleveland, OH

While sport utility vehicles come in all shapes and sizes today, none epitomize what an SUV is more than the traditional full-size SUV. The Infiniti QX80 falls into that category and adds a dollop of luxury to sweeten the deal. Built on a truck platform and powered by a V8 engine, it can go places and tow things your neighbor’s crossover just can’t.

Refreshed for 2018, the QX80 has a more appealing face and some new tech to woo buyers away from popular competitors like the Cadillac Escalade and totally redesigned Lincoln Navigator. It’s a tough sell, though, as the QX80 may look nice and new, but hiding inside are some features that passed their expiration date a while ago. Couple that with fuel economy that’s among the worst of all SUVs on sale today, and the QX80’s case for itself begins to melt.

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