A whole flotilla of mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette test mules are testing together in multiple spy videos. The longest of them (above) even provides a good look at what the Bowtie's engineers are using to benchmark the next-gen 'Vette, including a C7 model and a 991-generation Porsche 911 Carrera.

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See even more of the new 'Vette below.


This clip shows at least six of the test mules on the road together. They're just doing some normal cruising, and the 'Vettes sound quiet and civilized at these speeds.


Next, we get a closer view of the test mules while their drivers take a break. There are five of them visible in this very short video, in addition to a red convertible C7 that's presumably there for benchmarking purposes.


The Corvette test mule drivers aren't afraid of taking the mid-engined machines through inclement weather. In this video, the armada drives through wet, foggy conditions with snow along the side of the road.


While the rest of these videos comes from February 20, the one above is from February 1, but we think it's still with including. Rather than showing the whole group, there's only one mid-engined Corvette driving through the desert in this clip. 

While there are seemingly endless spy shots and videos of the mid-engined Corvette, we still don't know exactly when it might debut. The two most likely dates are either at the New York Auto Show in April or at a dedicated unveiling event reportedly in May. Rumors suggest that production would start in September 2019, indicating the new 'Vette would begin arriving at dealers several weeks after that.

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