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Turkey’s Science, Industry and Technology minister Fikri Isik has announced that his country has purchased the intellectual property rights of the Saab 9-3 model.

“We bought the Saab 9-3’s intellectual property rights, but not its name”, Isik told Anadolu Agency. “The brand [of the car that will be developed] will be a Turqish brand, not Saab. We will develop the technology in Turkey.”

When the vehicle goes into production, a minimum of 85 percent of the parts for it will be built locally. The machine will be very similar to the 9-3 but will feature a Cadillac-inspired front end.

SAAB CEO Mattias Bergman also confirmed the company and Turkey have reached an agreement. “We inked a deal on May 28. Our engineering team and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey work together in developing the design with the contribution of our other partners in Turkey. We have created a couple to prototypes and presented them to Turkish Minister Fikri I??k to be launched in Turkey. We share knowhow in marketing as well as development and production with our Turkish partners. We offer training to Turkish manufacturers and engineers, and work together with them.”

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