2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X Review: Silver Fox

Verdict 5.7 / 10

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a fantastic mid-size SUV. What we’re reviewing here is the Grand Cherokee Limited X model, which is a brand new trim level for 2019. The distinction is important to note, as generally, we think higher of the Grand Cherokee than the overall score for this model of 6.0 stars suggests.

Fortunately, all that makes the Grand Cherokee worthy of praise is here on the Limited X: its timeless design, its honest-to-goodness off-road ability, and its class-leading UConnect infotainment system. Unfortunately, the Limited X model tacks on aesthetic changes that arguably don’t improve the GC’s already handsome style nor impart any functional benefit to either its on-road performance or off-road capability.

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Pricing 4/10

The Grand Cherokee’s base price is $31,945, which is a bit higher than other mid-size SUVs such as the Ford Edge ($29,995), Nissan Murano ($31,270), and new-to-the-group Chevy Blazer ($28,880).

One thing that makes the Grand Cherokee different, and we argue better, than its competition is that it offers no less than 11 different trim levels, ranging from the base Laredo to the 707-horsepower, Hellcat-powered Trackhawk that starts at $86,650. In between are more specialized trims for var...