2018 Nissan Frontier Midnight Edition Review: Lipstick On A Pickup

Verdict 3.8 / 10

In the early 2000s, the mid-size truck market wasn’t nearly as lucrative as it is today. Tiny pickups were typically reserved for fleet duty, not daily driving. But the market has evolved and buyers are now looking for tech, safety, and efficiency to pair with truck-like capabilities in a more manageable footprint.

Yes, Nissan Is Still Selling The Frontier:

While the Toyota Tacoma, Honda Ridgeline, and Chevrolet Colorado have all been updated with these cues, the Nissan Frontier soldiers on with the same basic elements that debuted more than a decade ago.

In an attempt to freshen up its ancient offering, though, Nissan fitted the Frontier – and the rest of its range – with an optional Midnight Edition design package. It adds style, sure, but there’s still little substance still to be found.

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