BMW tuning specialist G-Power first graced us with their record setting M5 Hurricane RS back in late 2008. After recording a speed of 367.6 km/h (228.4 mph), the 750 bhp (760 PS / 559 kW) sedan officially took the "fastest sedan in the world" record from the Mercedes CLS-Class based V12 BRABUS Rocket. Fortunately for G-Power, the vehicle to knock the HURRICANE RS off it's record setting throne is their very own M5 Hurricane RR which managed a top speed of 372 km/h (231 mph).

Fast forward two years and the V10 car with twin superchargers is still grabbing our attention as G-Power reps have forwarded us this video of another M5 HURRICANE RS based on the E60 BMW M5 Touring wagon hitting 359 km/h (224 mph) on a German autobahn.

Edited into the video you'll notice a small frame on the bottom right corner. This is showing the speed by the on-board PerformanceBox GPS datalogger.

Gallery: G-Power Hurricane RS BMW M5 Touring hits 224 mph [video]

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