2018 BMW X2 Review: Quirky Comes At A Cost

Verdict 4.9 / 10

Customers have long chosen lifestyle vehicles over their more conventional counterparts. These cars make statements about their owners – they say they're edgy, different, and willing to embrace some impracticalities in favor of making a statement. BMW has monetized these folks in a way few automakers have managed with its even-numbered range of X crossovers.

BMW's X Factor:

The basic idea is that the odd-numbered X cars (X1, X3, and X5) are conventional crossovers in sizes small, medium, and large. The even-numbered cars share most of their bits with those vehicles, but hide them all under sleek, stylish bodies. In the case of the X2 – the lifestyle version of the X1 – that means there's a smart package with quick reflexes, but a price and option strategy that makes it difficult to recommend. You can live this lifestyle if you want to, but be aware of what you're giving up.

Pricing ...