2018 BMW M5 Review: Return Of The King

Verdict 6.0 / 10

What happened to BMW? The German brand dominated the 1990s through the mid 2000s with compelling products that set the bar for premium vehicles that blended luxury and driving pleasure. It was the halcyon days for The Ultimate Driving Machine.

But then something changed. BMW started to lose its way. The vehicles lost their iconic driving character as turbocharged engines replaced the brand's naturally aspirated options, electric steering supplanted BMW's traditionally fantastic hydraulic racks, and weight and size increased. At the same time, rivals Mercedes-Benz and Audi were rising, the former offering stunning interiors and luxurious driving experiences while the latter emphasized technology and a pleasantly conservative style.

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But as we found after driving the updated X4, things are getting better in Bavaria. But better than some odd crossover-coupe-thingy, the new M5 is the latest piece of evidence that BMW is back.

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