Was it or wasn't it a Baby Porsche Cayenne? With the new Cayenne due out in May, we take a new look at an old story. Details inside.

Unnamed sources at Porsche have reportedly told Autocar that a "Baby" Porsche Cayenne will not be built, as they do not want it to take sales away from the second-generation Cayenne.  The new Cayenne will be Porsche's smallest SUV, and the company has no plans to build an even-smaller version.

The firm believes that sales of the Audi Q5 have taken away from sales of the Q7, and has used that to justify their decision on a tiny SUV.  Cayenne sales make up nearly half of Porsche's revenue.

In light of this news, spy hotos showed back in 2008 were in fact a second-gen Cayenne prototype, though Porsche did not say unequivocally that early-stage development of a baby Cayenne never began.

The new Porsche Cayenne will hit the market at the end of May in petrol, diesel, and hybrid versions.