2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S Ride Along: A Sneak Peek At An LA-Bound Treat

When Porsche introduces a new 911, the automotive world takes notice. Not because there’s any likelihood of it looking different from the last one, but because everyone’s interested in seeing how Porsche will improve on one of the world’s most accomplished all-around sports cars.

Even here in pre-production form undergoing final testing on the West Coast of America, the “disguised” 911 strikes a familiar shape. There are revised rear lights just visible under the body cladding that bring a new look to the model, but overall, this is clearly a Porsche 911.

This new 911 is designated the 992 series. It replaces the current 991 series and is slated to be shown in full at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, likely as a 2020 model.

2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S prototype

Before that, though, we’ve managed to hop in the passenger seat alongside a veritable “who’s who” of Porsche personas tasked with validating the 992 as it reaches the sign-off stage prior to its LA unveiling.

Sitting behind the wheel as we ride shotgun is “Mr. 911,” a.k.a. August Achleitner, vice president, Product Lines 911/718. Achleitner is joined by Matthias Hofstetter (director, Powertrain Product Lines 911/718), Andreas Pröbstle (project manager, Complete Vehicle Model Lines 718/911, and Alex Ernst (team leader, Testing). These three, among many others, will drive the 992 thousands of miles to ensure that it meets, and ex...