Gordon Murray Design and Zytec Automotive have been developing a new, innovative city car that could be an urban-environmentalist's dream.  The two companies claim that their T.27 model, "will be the world's most efficient electric car."

They believe this is because the car was desiged from scratch, with engineers trying to forget about as many conventional processes as possible.  Unfortunately, the company offered no data to back up their claims that the car reduces total emissions by 27 percent when compared to "the nearest EV rival."

Nor do the companies reveal performance or range information.  The size of the motor is unkown, and what powers the motor has not been stated.  What is known is that Zytek has created electric drivetrains that equate to 70 kW, and up to 300 Nm of torque.

The T.27 is the electrified relative of the companies' petrol T.25.  Both vehicles are three-seaters that used the "iStream manufacturing approach" to prioritize lightweight and efficient assembly.

Research and development of the T.27 is expected to reach £9 million, with half the money coming from the U.K. Technology Strategy Board.  Four prototypes are expected to be tested over the next 16 months.

Gallery: Gordon Murray Design Announces T.27 Electric Car Programme

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