Abt RS6-E First Drive: 1,018-HP Hybrid Hijinks

What is it?

According to Abt, this is the future of tuning. For us it is probably the craziest family bomber of all time. The world's largest Audi tuner has taken an RS6 and nearly doubled its power. With an output of 560 hp that is quite remarkable. But even more remarkable is this: The whole thing happens by partial electrification. An RS6 hybrid. With up to 1,018 horsepower and 952 pound-feet of torque. Lord in heaven.


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What's new?

First of all, the mad tuners in Kempten have installed everything that turns a normal Audi RS6 into an Abt RS6-R – an angry-looking body kit, coilover suspension, 21-inch wheels, and an increase in output for the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 to 730 hp and 679 lb-ft. Oh, and there’s also a killer exhaust system playing the Hell’s own bass line.

We’ve no idea if the thrust of a 730-hp station wagon can ever get boring (it probably can’t), but apparently the people at Abt saw need for another extra serving of "Woooaaah!". The electric motors sit between the transmission and the exhaust system. Weighing just over 150 pounds, they complement the engine with 288 hp and 371 Newton meters.

"The V8 doesn’t allow any room in the engine compartment, so we’ve been looking for a solution that can be easily transferred to other cars. The transmission tunnel is perfect,” project leader Jens Häberle told Motor1.

The 13.6-kW...