In addition to having an amazing collection of cars, Jay Leno also sometimes builds his own, but things don’t go quite as planned when the comedian shows his turbine-powered EcoJet to popular astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Leno takes the issue in stride.

The EcoJet was a project for a green sports car that Leno created with General Motors. Ed Wellburn, the now-retired boss of GM Design, helped pen the sleek shape. It packs a mid-mounted 650-horsepower (485-kilowatt) Honeywell turbine engine from a helicopter that runs on biodiesel in this application. It uses a modified Corvette chassis with a carbon fiber body.

As a one-off project from the talented crew in Leno’s garage, the EcoJet is a very impressive undertaking. However, you can’t to expect it to have the same level of fit and finish as a production vehicle, and Leno shows that in this clip. He and DeGrasse Tyson are going to blast down a runway at Edwards Air Force Base in the turbine-powered supercar. The coupe builds speed gradually but rapidly hits triple digits.

Jay Leno EcoJet Video
Jay Leno EcoJet Video

Things go bad around 130 miles per hour (209 kilometers per hour) when the driver’s side window suddenly flies off the EcoJet. DeGrasse Tyson looks shocked, but Leno just casually says, “Lost a window,” while pointing at the hole. It’s an impressive deadpan performance.

Even after losing a window at triple-digit speeds, Leno doesn’t immediately put on the brakes. He keeps the hammer down, and the EcoJet eventually reaches over 160 mph (258 kph).

After watching the EcoJet have a minor malfunction, check out the clip below of Leno explaining everything about his creation. The video combines info about the build over several years starting from showing the design and through the necessary modifications after bringing the vehicle to the road.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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