It's podcast time, and for this special episode, Bruce and Smith are joined by Video Director and all-around master-of-ceremonies, Clint Simone. The trio have much to say about the second-generation Acura NSX, not to mention but issues with the Ford Bronco. And the whole thing makes them a bit nostalgic for the golden age of Japanese performance. That's the 1990s ... or is it right now? More on that in a bit.

The podcast opens with the big performance news of the past week, namely the return of the NSX Type S. Acura's second-generation hybrid supercar finally gets the Type S treatment, and though it doesn't debut until August 12, Bruce and Smith tap Simone's previous NSX experience for some insight into what we can expect.


Of course, the NSX news is bittersweet. Along with the Type S announcement came word that 2022 would be the end of the current NSX. Production will end next December, but at least it's going out with a bang. And hey, there's still time for Acura to dish up a Type R, right? We can dream, anyway.

The trio pivot from NSX nostalgia to a litany of small Ford Bronco issues being reported by owners. Such issues are fairly typical in the first year of production for a new vehicle, but when that vehicle is insanely popular and selling online for six figures, such issues garner attention. Smith explains multiple issues regarding whistles at highway speed, while Bruce covers some of the Bronco soft top and hard top problems owners are experiencing. Simone also offers some insight into Bronco maladies, and while it's small potatoes thus far, the issues are proving frustrating for folks who waited over a year to get behind the wheel.

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An interlude for listener comments brings the trio back to the topic of Japanese sports cars. After a lengthy discussion on the current Toyota Supra, the hosts stumble upon an unexpected but thought-provoking question. Most enthusiasts consider the 1990s as Japan's golden age of performance, but Simone proposes that right now is Japan's true golden age. Vehicles like the Supra, Civic Type R, Nissan GT-R, and the new Z are strong arguments for Simone's case. But can a Japanese golden age exist without Mitsubishi?

Finally, the trio strolls down memory lane as they each choose two gone-but-not-forgotten Japanese performance cars they'd like to see return. One might say the obvious answer is the Lancer Evolution, but somehow Simone and the Chris's avoid the legendary rally machine. Instead, their choices are both nostalgic and poignant, as they realize such revivals would likely wield electric power. That's fine for some, but at least one chosen car is legendary for its 9,000-RPM four-cylinder. It just wouldn't be the same without that soundtrack.

You know the drill. We need to hear from you on the topic of Japan's golden age of performance being the 1990s or right now. And we also need to know what Japanese performance car you want to see return, even if it's just for a brief celebration of internal combustion power. Powers-that-be just might me be listening, and if we all join forces, perhaps a wish or two will be granted. Comment here or email us: because we will revisit this very soon.

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