It's podcast time! This week Rambling About Cars gets a little controversial as we discuss the politics of people flipping cars and the prospect of the Chevrolet Camaro becoming an electric sedan.

We start with one of the weirder stories in recent memory. Toyota is forcing buyers of the newly launched Land Cruiser in Japan to sign a contract where the customer promises not to export the vehicle out of the country for 12 months after the purchase. According to Toyota, "There is a risk of violating foreign exchange law, and depending on the export destination, it may lead to major problems that threaten global security."


It's a bizarre move. We aren't entirely sure whether there's an actual problem with buyers exporting the Land Cruiser out of Japan or whether Toyota is just protecting itself from a legal perspective.

In a similar vein, we take a look at the examples of people attempting to flip the new Ford Bronco for six-digit prices. Looking at completed Ebay auctions, some people are actually paying these insane prices for the new SUV.

The last bit of news we cover is the rumor that Chevrolet might turn the Camaro into an electric sedan. The kernel of info comes from an Automotive News report about General Motors' EV plans. There are no additional details about the vehicle yet, but it would be a massive change to make a four-door Camaro after decades of being exclusively a coupe.

Then, we get to the fun stuff. Bruce attended the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (gallery above) and saw lots of cool stuff. Check out the gallery above for just some of the vehicles he snapped pictures of. The highlight was an Alpine A610 – a gorgeous 90s sports coupe that was never sold in the US.

Meanwhile, Smith went to an event called Car-Cade (gallery above) with a focus on 1980s and '90s vehicles in Rapid City, South Dakota. Naturally, he brought his Mustang. Plus, he had his 1985 General Hustler Pro Freestyle BMX bike because it fit with the era. There were over 40 cars in attendance.

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