2019 Acura NSX First Drive: One Foot Out Of The Shadows

I'm sitting low. Really low. Low enough that each pebble impacting the undercarriage feels like it's impacting my undercarriage. My legs are splayed out at an odd angle, my size 13, Puma-clad feet desperately trying to find a way to work the closely stacked pedals.

As I accelerate, a whistle over my left shoulder reminds me just how much air the mid-mounted V6 engine sucks down and ignites to propel me forward. This intake note is delicious, and as satisfying as dipping a spoon into a pristine crème brulee. The exhaust note, meanwhile, surrounds and comforts me. The steering wheel is large for a supercar, and it's attached to an unpowered rack that requires semi-Herculean effort to turn in a parking lot but is sheer perfection at speed. The chassis is sublime and feels like it's an extension of my nervous system as feedback comes through my butt, my feet, and my hands.

This is what it's like to drive an Acura NSXfrom 1991. It's a beautiful thing, a foundational experience that every car enthusiast should get to experience. That’s something Acura would very much like people to think about the current NSX. The reborn NSX failed in that regard when it debuted in 2017, but the updated 2019 NSX is bringing this hybridized, twin-turbocharged supercar a little closer to the early 1990s in all the right ways, while pushing forward with a truly 21st century performance concept.

At lea...