It's podcast time, and sports sedans are among the hot topics in this episode of Rambling About Cars. Specifically, two sports sedans are on the minds of Bruce and Smith, but a viral video of a Dodge Ram towing a 140,000-pound logging truck is also of interest. After an intermission spent dishing out car buying advice, the Chris's embark on an epic cheap car challenge to find the best '80s cars for under $5,000 and the journey is ... interesting.

The new-for-2022 Audi RS3 finally debuted, bringing 401 horsepower and a sweet inline-five engine to US buyers in sedan form. Bruce and Smith universally love the car, from its aggressive face to the thoroughly exciting interior and a 0-60 time under four seconds.

Gallery: 2022 Audi RS3 Debut

It's not all good news in the sports sedan world though, as rumors surfaced that the Kia Stinger could be killed by the spring of 2022. It's a fantastic performance machine with good looks and exceptional practicality, but Stinger sales have been disappointing to say the least. Smith has a theory about that, and the Chris's discuss it at length.


There's also the matter of a video post that went crazy viral last week. It showed an older Dodge Ram pickup truck allegedly towing a fully loaded logging truck that had broken down in an intersection. More than a few people didn't believe it, even after a second video clearly showed a tow chain. Smith took a deep dive and actually contacted the owner of the Dodge Ram to confirm that yes,it did happen. He shares the story and talks about all the bizarre controversy surrounding this unexpected viral sensation.

2007 Ram 3500 That Towed A Semi

The Rambling About Cars hosts then dive into listener comments from the previous week and focus on an enthusiast seeking help finding her next cool new car. The criteria? Fun, decent on gas, some measure of practicality, and a price tag under $50,000. 

To close the show, Bruce and Smith revisit an old favorite: the cheap car challenge. This time it's the '80s edition, with each person searching their general area for fun 1980s cars costing $5,000 or less. As always, neither Chris knows what the other found ahead of time, but we suspect listeners won't believe that when they see (or hear) what happens during this wildly coincidental automotive adventure. It's hilarious and awesome – Bruce and Smith at their best.

What's your idea for an '80s time machine under $5,000? Or, what's your choice for a sub-$50,000 fun-yet-practical machine that's good on fuel? You know what to do – email us at or drop your thoughts in the comments below. We do read them, and we will talk about them.

Rambling About Cars Episode 30 Preview

Bruce and Smith are embarking on some classic automotive adventures this weekend. Bruce is headed to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, while Smith is participating in a mini-Radwood event in Rapid City. They'll be sharing their experiences with cars from yesteryear along with the current news and more.

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