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Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith,

News Editor, USA

Christopher Smith is the news editor, USA, at and co-host of the Rambling About Cars podcast. After writing his first feature in 2016, Smith stepped away from a marketing gig to join the news team in 2017. It’s his latest step in a 25-year career woven through the automotive industry, starting in 1997 at a used car dealership while finishing up a BA in English from Western Michigan University. Smith has straddled the worlds of marketing, public relations, and journalism ever since, doing everything from communications for Ford Racing to NASCAR sponsorships as the marketing manager for Bandit Industries. 

Smith’s first foray into automotive journalism began in 2007 writing occasional articles for Winding Road. His byline has also appeared at Autoblog, Car Throttle, and Autotrader. He’s owned 35 cars in the last 20 years, and when not hammering away at the news desk, he continually debates writing a history book about the Ford Taurus SHO.

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