The 2023 Japan Mobility Show – previously known as the Tokyo Motor Show – has possibly  been the coolest automotive show on the planet so far this year. A significant number of concepts made their debut at the event, including four Nissan show cars. Under the Tokyo International Exhibition Center’s roof, the company displays its range of Hyper concepts but that’s not the only scene where the vehicles will be exhibited. There’s also a virtual appearance and it is part of a rather interesting marketing campaign.

Each one of the Hyper concepts gets its own character with a matching styling and an imaginary history in life, which fits the respective concept’s overall idea. Take for example Kei, whom Nissan describes as a board member of a startup company focused on the future of travel, including space. She sees the Hyper Tourer as a vehicle that can be used for both business and pleasure and where she can meet new people while doing her job.

Gallery: Nissan characters

Masa, in turn, is an adventurous athlete, who moved with his wife and two children to a rural mountainous region. The Hyper Adventure meets his needs and helps him give his children the best life experience possible. Yuki and her Hyper Punk concept express the individuality of an artist, while Tim is a chef in a French restaurant in Tokyo and the Hyper Urban perfectly fits his needs for smart urban mobility.

But wait, there’s even more. Starting from October 25, Fortnite players will be able to explore the four concepts in the game. Nissan says that in “Electrify the World, future cars and cities are connected through the electrical grid” and the player’s mission will be to save the world. As a reminder, the new BMW X2 also made an appearance in Fortnite even before its official and full debut.

Nissan isn’t the only brand to showcase interesting concepts during the 2023 Tokyo Mobility Show. Toyota, for example, unveiled the FT-Se concept, previewing an electric sports car. Kawasaki, in turn, has a buggy with a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine. Mitsubishi arrived at the show with an off-road minivan.

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