Although the second-generation X2 is not debuting until next week, you can already check out the swoopy crossover in the digital realm by loading up Fortnite. BMW has built a virtual city with the island "Hypnopolis" where players will discover a storyline that puts the focus on the electric iX2. We're being told various easter eggs have been scattered around the island and there's even a faithful replica of the famous "Four Cylinder" building.

Hypnopolis also has a faithful representation of other landmarks, such as the BMW Welt and the BMW Museum. This virtual city is already accessible in Fortnite, and you can dive right into Hypnopolis by entering the following island code: 3541-0917-2429. The German luxury automaker is proud to say it has developed the first car creator in Fortnite, found at the BMW Welt. It can be unlocked by completing a series of challenges, and after that, a prototype of the X2 can be customized with paint schemes, wheels, and "trunk contents."

2024 BMW X2 teaser

BMW points out it did all the work on its own without the assistance of Epic Games, the video game studio that developed Fortnite. The real X2 is scheduled to premiere on October 11 (October 10 evening in the United States) and we're expecting to see both ICE and EV versions of the crossover-coupe mashup before production starts late this year at the factory in Regensburg.

Following its world premiere, the 2024 BMW X2 will show up in the Car Creator as a production model with the body colors, wheel designs, and interior options available for the actual vehicle. Numerous spy shots have revealed the new model internally codenamed "U10" will be significantly larger and is going to adopt a substantially different shape by going for the mini-X6 silhouette.

It'll be mechanically related to the X1 and the zero-emission iX1, with the range to be topped by an M Performance version. The X2 M35i has been caught testing multiple times, flaunting a quad exhaust system that used to be reserved for actual M models until not that long ago. The M Lite model will be sold with a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine that will send 312 hp to an xDrive system via a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission. In Europe, it could be detuned to 296 hp due to stricter emissions regulations as the X1 M35i loses 16 hp from the US to the EU.

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