Nissan will unveil an all-electric minivan concept later this month. The Hyper Tourer will break cover at this year’s Japan Mobility Show alongside at least two other EV concepts from the automaker.

Minivans are not as popular as they once were, with crossovers and SUVs becoming the de facto family car of choice, but even the mere idea of an all-electric minivan suggests the segment is not dead yet. EVs have unique packaging properties that allow automakers more freedom in designing such vehicles.

Gallery: Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept

The Nissan Hyper Tourer concept has a flat floor and a spacious cabin thanks to the company’s EV Technology Vision, a form of packaging that gives the minivan an “ultra-low” center of gravity by consolidating components and the solid-state batteries. The layout would also provide ample space for all the necessities of a modern camper van, too. 

Companies are exploring the possibility of all-electric campers. Volkswagen announced almost two years ago that it would develop a camper version of its ID. Buzz all-electric van. Winnebago introduced an all-electric camper van concept based on the Ford E-Transit earlier this year. EV packaging can provide new design opportunities, like in the new Nissan concept. 

The cabin features front seats that swivel 360 degrees to face the rear, facilitating conversations between the rows. Rear-seat passengers can control navigation and audio via a wearable display. There is an overhead console with lighting that features traditional Japanese patterns, while the floor has a flat LED panel that displays images of a riverbed and the sky.

The concept also uses an AI system to monitor biometric signs, automatically changing mood lighting and music. It tracks brain waves, breathing, perspiration, and heart rate.

Nissan did not provide many details about the EV’s powertrain, but it will have its e-4ORCE all-wheel-drive system. The minivan has all-solid-state batteries, and Nissan isn’t the only automaker looking to utilize the technology. Toyota is also developing them.

The company wraps the stylish cabin with striking sheet metal. The van has sharp creases along the side pinch inward at the back, with a white waistline separating it from the greenhouse while creating a clear delineation between glass and metal. The upright front end and raked windshield give the minivan a sporty appearance, and it even has an integrated spoiler.

The Nissan Hyper Tourer is one of at least three concepts the automaker will display at this year’s Japan Mobility Show 2023, formerly the Tokyo Motor Show, which begins October 25. The automaker also teased the Hyper Adventure and Hyper Urban concepts.

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