Today, we bring you not one, two, or even three Mercedes-AMG GT prototypes. There are four recent sightings of the forthcoming coupe, including video from the streets of California and photos from the other side of the world at Germany's Nurburgring. And one of these cars could pack an 800-hp punch.

Let's start there. Photos from just outside the 'Ring show a satin blue AMG GT with camouflage wrap on the fascias and a bit on the doors. It's a gorgeous color, but our interest here lies with the fixed spoiler at the rear. Further down, the rear diffuser between the pipes looks a tad more aggressive compared to other prototypes with an active rear wing. We've seen another Mercedes test vehicle like this, and it could be an E Performance model. If that's the case, a version of the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter hybrid V8 could be under the hood. In the four-door Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance, this combo generates 831 horsepower.

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Sticking with our spy photos, a deep red prototype was caught turning laps at the Nurburgring. It wears the same level of camouflage front and rear, and while the front fascia looks the same as that from the blue prototype, it rides on different wheels. The rear wing here is active versus fixed, and the diffuser – while prominent – isn't as aggressive. The blue AMG test vehicle has a subtle lip on the bottom that we don't see here, and the wheels are different.

Meanwhile in America, we have a new spy video from KindelAuto (embedded at the top of this post) capturing two more prototypes cruising on the highway. They wear the same level of camouflage all around, but the video takes us up close for a detailed look at the front and rear, and even a glimpse inside. Both of these cars have an active rear wing, and they ride on snowflake-styled wheels that point to lower-performance trim levels. However, lower performance still means plenty of power – likely a twin-turbo V8 but without the hybrid assist. Turbocharged four-cylinder versions are also a possibility.

All the prototypes featured here look production ready, but the exact date for a debut is still unknown. We've been watching AMG GT test vehicles for over a year now, so we fully expect a proper reveal possibly by the end of summer. At the very least, the camo should come off before the end of the year.

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