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BMW is celebrating its 100th anniversary by introducing the Vision Next 100 concept, which as the name implies, offers a first glimpse of what the Bavarians are preparing for in the next century.

The futuristic concept takes the shape of a sedan as BMW believes this body style is at the core of the marque, even though SUVs are all the rage these days. The Vision Next 100’s styling is to some extent influenced by the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car, but with a significantly sleeker body that has a drag coefficient of only 0.18.

With an overall length of 193 inches (4900 mm), the concept is a little bit shorter than a 5 Series and at the same time sits 4 inches (100 mm) lower (at 54 inches / 1370 mm). The body is made out of a combination between carbon fiber and plastic while some of the panels are manufactured from residues obtained during carbon fiber processing.

Although a sedan by definition, the body has been shaped in such a way as to mimic a coupe, just like BMW has already done with the 4 Series & 6 Series Gran Coupes. The concept doesn’t have B-pillars, so getting inside the cabin should be a breeze. The interior is made from recycled and renewable materials which have replaced the traditional ones used in today’s cars.

The Vision Next 100 concept can work in “Boost” mode during which the driver has all the control while in “Ease” mode the vehicle drives itself thanks to the onboard autonomous driving technology.

BMW also implemented a so-called “Alive Geometry” consisting of almost 800 moving triangles built into the instrument panel and in some areas of the side panels. It was developed as a method to boost interaction between the driver and the car using intuitive signals alerting the driver about upcoming dangerous situations.

The Vision Next 100 is the first out of a total of four concepts planned by the BMW Group. It will be followed by the Rolls-Royce Grand Sanctuary in June and later this year by two other concepts from MINI and BMW Motorrad.

Source: BMW

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