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While a lot of people are wondering (not us) why Mercedes-Benz is still making the G-Class, it seems that the German company plans on launching a smaller version of the G-wagen to rival the forthcoming replacement for the Land Rover Defender. Most likely it will wear the GLG moniker and should feature a fresh look, smaller engines along with a more powerful AMG version.

This new model is internally known as the “mini-G” and will be based on the A-Class, along with the already confirmed GLA (due in 2014) so there will be two crossovers based on the new A-Class. The GLG is expected to adopt a similar boxy shape of the G-Class but it will be more modern in terms of styling.

The same report is indicating that Mercedes might consider a front-wheel drive version of the GLG, a logical move taking into account that Land Rover is also working on something like that. 4Matic versions will still be available and will be able to transfer the torque through an electronically controlled Haldex clutch, as opposed to the three separate differential locks of the G-Class.

It will be powered by just about the same engines as the ones found in the A- and B-Class, including a 1.6-liter with 122 hp (91 kW) and a larger 2.0-liter with 156 hp (116 kW) or 211 hp (157 kW). Besides these two gasoline engines, four diesels will also be available, including a 1.8-liter with 109 hp (81 kW) and a 2.1-liter unit with 136 hp (101 kW) / 170 hp (126 kW) / 204 hp (152 kW). Let’s not forget about the aforementioned GLG AMG which is expected to pump out 350 hp (261 kW) and come with a 7-speed automatic transmission, a revised front axle, quicker steering and beefier brakes.

If this model does get the green light for production, expect a mid-2015 launch.

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