2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris Review: Sharp-Dressed Van

– Cleveland, Ohio

Many Americans aren’t aware that Mercedes-Benz in Europe plays the part of Ford in their commercial vehicle market; like most plumber vans and taxis here wear a blue oval, they wear a three-pointed star in Europe. That perception is changing as Mercedes has found success in the states with its fullsize Sprinter van. Bringing over the brand’s smaller, less expensive Metris van seems like a no-brainer. While this midsize cargo van benefits from being a Mercedes in the same way the Sprinter does, there are some peculiarities about it that businesses in the U.S. might not like.




Impressive appearance. With classic Mercedes design cues, optional body-colored front and rear bumpers, and alloy wheels, this van makes a great first impression. I’ve spoken with small-business owners who drive either the Metris or the larger Sprinter, and they claim the Mercedes badge itself implies their business is legit and can be trusted.

High build quality. The Metris has higher build quality than its competitors from Ford, Ram, and Nissan. That’s not surprising considering this is a Mercedes, and while you’re not awash in real leather and fine wood trim, the interior plastics feel premium and give the impression that everything’s screwed together tightly. Cargo vans normally exhibit lots of rattles over bumps, even when they’re empty, but the Metris is tight as a drum and the suspension feels relatively car-like in how it handles (again, while empty).

Powerful engine. The...