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A savvy reader named Dmitry was quick on the draw with this sighting of a camo-wrapped SUV on the road, well, somewhere. We weren’t given a specific location, but judging by the landscape and a road sign that says Vegas, we’re going to assume this comes to us from the Nevada desert. As to exactly what we’re seeing, Dmitry believes it’s the next Ford Kuga, better known in the States as the Ford Escape.

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We aren’t entirely ready to make that leap just yet, though we feel pretty good identifying this as a Ford. The headlights – though well camouflaged – look like Ford designs to us, and the profile does share some resemblance to the current Escape. We’re seeing a familiar notch shape at the rear side window, and we suspect there’s another pane of glass covered up behind that. There’s some familiarity in the tail lights, too.

Ford Escape Spy Photo
Ford Escape Spy Photo

Still, if this is an Escape, it’s not merely a facelift. This SUV looks a bit lower and thinner in profile, and the rear fascia is completely different from what we see on the current model. Zooming in on the front, this prototype also seems considerably less chunky in the fenders than the current Escape. We’d be tempted to suggest this was actually a Ford Edge, but we’ve seen spy photos of that already, and this definitely isn’t it.

The current Ford Escape is certainly due for a major update. The platform has been around since 2013, which may as well be prehistoric times in the world of compact SUVs. It’s been a strong seller for Ford, however, and with a mild facelift having occurred for the 2017 model year, a new model would still likely be a year or two away.

Hat tip to Dmitry for sending us the spy photos!


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