Dumb and Dumber Mutt Cutts Van

The iconic Mutt Cutts van, driven by Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne in the 1994 comedy classic, Dumb and Dumber. Underneath those shaggy ears and all that fur is actually a 1984 Ford Econoline Van, believe it or not. The Mutt Cutts van made a reappearance in the Dumb and Dumber sequel released in 2014, Dumb and Dumber To. 1984 Ford Econoline Base MSRP $8,000


If you have seen the film, you already know the iconic image of the Mutt Cutts van. The van is draped in shaggy, fur-like carpeting all around the car, paired with a tail at the rear, four legs, and a head, complete with ears, nose, and whiskers. Throughout the first film, released in 1994, Harry and Lloyd travel all across America in the “Shaggin Wagon.” A comedic touch to the van is that when the driver has to fill the car up with gasoline, they must lift the rear leg and lock it in the upright position, just like a urinating dog.


The shaggy exterior material continues into the interior, covering the entire dash and floors beneath the occupants’ feet. Behind the front seats the van is bare, besides two support pillars. Up front, the occupants sit on a bench-style seat that can fit three or four people, as demonstrated in the film. An AM/FM radio and cassette player and air conditioning are the only comfort options, as the van did not have power seats or power windows.


The 1984 Ford Econoline Van’s base 460 V8, which surprisingly enough produces more horsepower and torque ratings than the IDI 6.9-liter as well as the later 7.3-liter IDI diesel engines. The 460 produces about 225 horsepower.


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Dumb and Dumber Mutt Cutts Van