2019 Ford F-150 Raptor First Drive: Conquer

The Ford F-150 Raptor has a reputation as one of the toughest, most capable trucks around. Since it arrived in 2010 and especially since its 2017 redesign, the high-performance F-150 has been putting its competition to shame with a powerful engine, an extremely capable suspension setup, and off-road abilities that can just about put professional desert racing trucks to shame. So how do engineers build on a truck that’s already so capable in the first place? Incrementally.

The updated 2019 Raptor isn’t much different from the twin-turbocharged truck that went on sale in 2017. There are big, knobby tires, aggressively flared fenders, and the signature “Ford” wordmark in the grille. Only a few minor updates like new beadlock wheels and an updated tailgate applique differentiate the 2019 model from the previous year’s truck.

Same goes for the cabin. Virtually all of the styling from the 2018 model carries over. Some keen enthusiasts might be able to point out the addition of an embossed Raptor logo on the steering wheel and new buttons above the infotainment screen (we’ll get to that second part later), but the most noticeable upgrade is to the seats.

2019 Ford Raptor: First Drive

Recaros are an option for the 2019 Raptor for the first time. You can still get the standard leather buckets (now heated and ventilated), but the new Recaro thrones are more generously bolstered, uber comfortable, and hug even tighter when tossing the Raptor around t...