2018 Ford Transit 250HR Cargo Van Review: A Big, Fat Focus

Verdict 4.1 / 10

Cargo vans are the antithesis of sexy. They’re boxy, utilitarian, and noisy, but they’re also the backbone of American small business. They’re crucial to caterers and plumbers and mechanics and electricians. Think of where you’re living – it likely wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the versatility of cargo vans.

And in the case of where I live, a cargo van was crucial. Not just to the building, but to me moving in. When I bought my new home in October, the question of which vehicle I’d press into service to get the countless boxes from old house to new was never in question: I wanted a Ford Transit.

The Transit is to cargo vans what the Porsche 911 is to sports cars, or the Range Rover is to SUVs. It’s the Kleenex to tissue paper and the Coca-Cola to pop. It’s ubiquitous. And that’s because as cargo vans go, it’s the best around.

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Pricing 6/10

But being the best is not cheap. The 2018 Transit is available in either Cargo Van or Passenger Wagon, but for moving house, the Cargo Van is the obvious choice. Prices start at $32,380, but if you really want to move stuff, you won’t want that model – it has the shortest of three wheelbases and three roof heights. If you want the brute you see here – the high-roof, extended wheelbase – price...