The Toyota Land Cruiser, whether you're looking at the LC300 or the spruced-up GR Sport, will always carry an imposing aura right off the showroom. Blame it on its hulking size or that massive grille, but the legendary Toyota SUV is something you can't just ignore at first glance.

But just in case the Land Cruiser isn't assertive enough in stock form, Khann International is offering a slew of upgrades to make it look even more menacing. It's a full-on body kit for the LC300, outfitting the new SUV from front to back.

Gallery: Toyota Land Cruiser 300 By Khann International

It's hard to miss the wide performance body kit installed on this model. The extended fender flares add width to its already broad shoulders, priced at $2,500. Meanwhile, the front end also gets decorated with a carbon fiber hood cover and radiator grille, selling for $5,210 and $2,060, respectively.

Meanwhile, the sides are given added pizzazz with a carbon fiber external mirror cover with a price tag of $1,440. A set of 22-inch KW-LT2 R22/ET forged rims are also available as an additional option for $8,600. The rear gets a pair of trunk lid spoilers, also made of carbon fiber, priced at $1,350.

The prices here don't include shipping and other costs incurred when shipped to your country, so it's safe to say that this full-on body kit will cost interested buyers a lot. That's most especially in the US, where the Land Cruiser isn't officially sold, and in other parts of the world where the four-year waiting time increases the units sold by resellers.

But if you're a current owner of the outgoing LC 200, let it be known that you can still get a 300 through this weird Land Cruiser 200 to 300 conversion kit at the fraction of a brand new unit's price.

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