The Land Cruiser Series 300 is off to a flying start, so much so that some deliveries will take Toyota about four years to fulfill. In a message posted on its Japanese website, the company apologizes for the prolonged wait times, caused by production hiccups due to issues with suppliers. The bottlenecks are not just due to the microchip shortage as the coronavirus pandemic has also taken its toll on the supply chain.

Ordering a new Land Cruiser today might mean you won't be getting it until 2026, which is less than ideal. What can be done in this situation? Well, you could "settle" for the 2023 Sequoia. Alternatively, you can get in touch with an aftermarket company from China if you're dead set on an LC. A full body kit can give the previous-generation model (Series 200) the look of Toyota's legendary body-on-frame fullsize SUV in its latest iteration.

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Created by GBT Body Kits, the package is quite comprehensive as aside from front and rear bumpers, it comes along with a front grille and even a whole tailgate to mimic the LC 300. Not only that, but the body kit is bundled with custom headlights, taillights, and fog lights copying the design and shape used by Toyota for the real thing.

For some folks who are not into cars as much as we are, the makeover might trick them into believing they're looking at the new Land Cruiser. Of course, eagle-eyed readers will notice the headlights are too big since they had to match the LC200's original mounting points. The more you look at the custom 4x4, the more differences you will observe, but overall, it's not a bad effort.

If you're wondering about costs, the package is listed on Alibaba for $5,500 or $3,500 if you order five to nine sets. The price drops to $3,300 for 10-49 sets and to $3,000 for more than 50 units if you happen to have a whole fleet of Land Cruisers. It's compatible with vehicles built from 2016 onwards.

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