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BMW's M division will continue to launch only rear-wheel drive models according to M boss Friedrich Nitschke.

Although competitors like Mercedes-Benz and Audi are offering all-wheel drive versions of their hot performance models, BMW M will not go down this route since installing the xDrive AWD system would increase weight by 80-90 kg. Nitschke also said BMW's M differential "is the industry's best rear-drive set-up."

In a discussion with Autocar about the future of manual gearboxes, he declared as long as there will be demand, BMW will offer them. In the interview he mentioned an M version of the recently unveiled 3-Series GT is not under consideration at the moment.

He also motivated the move from naturally-aspirated engines to turbocharging by saying "it's a change in technology" and "turbocharging is better for fuel savings and CO2."

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