Review: 2016 Infiniti QX60

– Cleveland, Ohio

Badge engineering is the practice of selling a single vehicle under two or more brands. It’s not done as egregiously these days as it used to be (remember the later days of Mercury?), but it’s still with us, lurking beneath the shallow facade of differentiated sheetmetal. Such is the case with the Infiniti QX60, which is the too-close-for-comfort cousin of the Nissan Pathfinder. While Infiniti wishes three-row crossovers from Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo came to mind when thinking of the QX60, the only thing we ponder is the fact you can buy a fully loaded Nissan Pathfinder for the same price as the base version of its Infiniti sibling. That’s a tough cross to bear, especially for this nearly loaded QX60 that costs almost $60,000.


  • No matter how hard I am on the QX60 in other areas, one way it sets itself apart from the Pathfinder, as well as more expensive European competitors, is its styling. I find it extremely attractive and like it more on the QX60 than any other Infiniti. In fact, if I were a car designer with a penchant for hyperbole, I’d say the front reminds me of the veiled face of a woman in the wind, where the fabric drapes flowingly around her features. Sort of like this. I’m not, though, so I’ll just say it looks really nice.
  • I’ve driven many three-row crossovers, some of which try to be sporty and others that are as comfortable as a living room couch. Neither are what you want to live with everyday, and the QX60 does a smart thing by sp...