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Over-the-air software updates are not something new in the automotive industry, especially for manufacturers like Tesla, and BMW is finally introducing the wireless service for some of its models. All cars equipped with Operating System 7.0 can now benefit from the Remote Software Upgrade features, the Bavarian brand has just announced.

Just like with regular software updates, the feature keeps the operating system up-to-date with the latest version released by the manufacturer. The first upgrade available for the aforementioned BMW vehicles includes the Intelligent Personal Assistant, “whose range of intelligent functions can now be expanded automatically and conveniently over the air.”

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Other updates currently available affect mostly the driver assistance systems such as the active cruise control and side collision protection. Additionally, and we bet that’s the part most of you will find most intriguing, the upgrades will allow customers to find, activate, and use new functions from the BMW ConnectedDrive Store.

The over-the-air software updates are available for vehicles like the new X5, 3 Series, and 8 Series, all of which feature BMW’s latest Operating System 7.0 with factory integrated Remote Software Upgrade. The company promises to “regularly expand and improve” the scope of updates and to constantly evolve the Intelligent Personal Assistant’s skills. All of this, of course, will happen free of charge.

Some of the other manufacturers in the automotive industry that offer wireless over-the-air software updates, besides Tesla, are Opel, Audi, Volvo, Ford, and others. Most of these companies have updates that are focused on non-critical infotainment features or offed new applications and functions for the infotainment system.

In some cases, wireless updates can also contribute to significant improvements of certain functions of a car. Case in point, Tesla’s Autopilot 2 update which also introduced automatic wipers.

Source: BMW

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Munich. BMW Group customers can now ensure their vehicle software in all BMW’s with Operating System 7.0 is updated at all times with Remote Software Upgrade. Available with immediate effect, this feature keeps the vehicle fresh and is as easy as updating a smartphone. The first upgrade, available from today successively in all BMW ConnectedDrive markets, includes the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant*, whose range of intelligent functions can now be expanded automatically and conveniently over the air. Remote Software Upgrade offers vehicle-specific content and updates such as function extensions for driver assistance systems (e.g. Active Cruise Control and side collision protection). Subsequent upgrades will allow customers to source additional vehicle functions from the BMW ConnectedDrive Store and activate them easily in their BMW.


Uploading new functions directly into the car.

Never has it been easier for customers to keep their vehicle up to date over its full lifecycle and to adapt it to their individual requirements. Remote Software Upgrade ensures their BMW always has the latest software update and functions are constantly improved. Plus, customers will be able to add digital services at a later date. All of which ensures continuous improvements to the safety and quality of the vehicle. Depending on their car’s specification, customers will be able to use Remote Software Upgrade to activate additional functions seamlessly and conveniently from their home, via smartphone or inside the car itself. It represents a milestone in the bespoke, digital personalisation of BMW vehicles.

The additional functions of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can be activated for models such as the new BMW X5, new BMW 3 Series and new BMW 8 Series with BMW Operating System 7.0 from the introduction of Remote Software Upgrade. Future Remote Software Upgrades will regularly expand and improve the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant’s skills (free of charge). These cyclical updates include software adaptations and function extensions.

* The exact timing may vary according to the market.

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