Who's up for a bit of drag racing? Folks in the Netherlands recently enjoyed some door-to-door action at Breda International Airport, where the third edition of Hart Voor Auto's gathering of cars recently took place. This clip shared on YouTube from the DutchMotorsport channel shows highlights of the action, and we have great news. Whether you're into supercars, hot hatches, wagons, or muscle cars, there's something here for just about everyone.

Actually, that's not the really great news. In a world where car videos on YouTube often come with voiceovers or music tracks, this clip is 18 minutes (18:48 to be exact) of pure engine sound. And trust us when we say there are some fantastic mills creating a legit symphony of horsepower. The only thing missing in this collection is a V12, but honestly, you won't care one teeny bit once you hit the play button.

Hart Voor Auto's Drag Race

We'd love to describe each race but we know you clicked this to watch and listen, and frankly, that's exactly what you should do. However, allow us a moment to offer some top tips for viewing in case you don't presently have 18 minutes to spare. There are worse ways to start a video than seeing a TT RS face off against an R33 Nissan Skyline, but then you get a McLaren 720S racing a modified Seat Leon diesel about a minute in. And it's a freaking close race.

It gets wilder from there. Enjoy the Audi RS6 in police livery racing a Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo at the 10:40 mark. There's a bonkers C3 Chevrolet Corvette racing just about everything, though we're fond of its match with the aforementioned McLaren which you can see at the 8:56 mark. Radwood fans will enjoy the C4 Corvette racing a modded 1990s Chevy pickup a 4:08, and the American muscle theme continues with an old Fox Body Mustang notchback bringing some pain to a sixth-gen Shelby GT350 at 4:57. There's even some comedy at 3:50, when the driver of an Audi RS3 forgets to shift out of reverse before launching.

There are many more matches in this clip, so sit back, turn the sound up, and enjoy the action as we bid adieu to the summer racing season in the northern latitudes.

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