Review: 2016 Audi TTS

– Cleveland, Ohio

The Audi TTS is currently the most potent TT you can buy. But as with manyAudi models, an even hotter RS version is coming that will put the potency debate to bed and then smother it with a pillow. Should you wait for the lunatic TT RS, make do with this TTS, or save some cash and buy a base TT? After driving this car for a week, we don’t think it’s the right answer.


  • This little guy is seriously fun to drive, and it’s no secret why. Small car + powerful engine + all-wheel drive = fun. But it’s not just those baked in qualities that make the TTS such a pleasure to pilot. I really like the steering that, despite being electric, is very nicely weighted and quick to turn. It’s so good and authentic-feeling, it made me forget to complain about the good old days of hydraulic setups.
  • The Audi Virtual Cockpit system is the best attempt by any automaker to grab the attention of younger people who are more into smartphones than cars these days. It’s a fully digital instrument cluster and infotainment system set right behind the steering wheel in one giant 12.3-inch digital display running at 60 frames per second (video gamers will appreciate that stat). It’s the bleeding edge of human machine interface in autos right now, and it actually works really well. With only one screen, there are some compromises, including leaving the passenger out of the equation altogether, but other Audis (except the R8) will still come with a second screen in the dash.
  • She’s a look...