No, it won't be a supercar, unfortunately.

It seems there is another reason to get excited about the forthcoming 2018 Geneva Motor Show as latest intel suggests BMW’s M division responsible for performance cars will be there to introduce a new and mysterious concept. The identity of the model is not known at this point, but before you get your hopes up too high, it’s not going to be a supercar.

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It is believed the showcar in question is going to be based on the same platform underpinning the reborn 8 Series and our friends at BMWBlog are confident it won’t be an M8 Gran Coupe. With BMW already teasing the M8 Coupe, it seems unlikely the speedy coupe will be shown in concept form, especially since the company has already confirmed it will introduce the road-going model in 2018.

With these two models being ruled out, what else is left? Well, the same source hints it will be close to an M8 Coupe but "different in style," which leads us to believe BMW will introduce an M8 Convertible. These two new M models sitting at the top of the food chain are expected to have a lot in common with the biturbo 4.4-liter V8 in the newest M5 where it pumps out 600 hp. The all-wheel-drive performance sedan will get an extra 25 hp later this year courtesy of an optional Competition Package.

The good news is we won’t have to wait much longer to find out the identity of the BMW concept since the 88th Geneva Motor Show will open its doors to the press on March 6. Bear in mind the company has already teased the production-ready 8 Series Coupe, so we might get to see it on the floor of the Swiss auto show sitting right next to the new concept, quite possibly its M-flavored droptop sibling. Fingers crossed.

Source: BMWBlog

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