Review: 2017 Acura MDX

– Detroit, Michigan

Crossovers are hugely important to Acura, because it’s where the luxury brand makes its money. So far this year, 65 percent of all Acura sales were crossovers or SUVs. Spending time behind the wheel of the MDX is a great reminder why they’re so popular: it gives buyers who need a three-row family model a taste of luxury, performance, and technology without breaking the bank.

This year, the Acura MDX receives a visual refresh and more active-safety and convenience features. But just like the pre-refresh version, the MDX continues to appeal because it’s such a well-rounded, luxury family conveyance.




  • The optional engine stop-start feature is notable for how unnoticeable it is in everyday driving. This is the first time I’ve driven an MDX with Acura’s ‘Idle Stop’ feature, and I love how little it jolts the car and how little noise it makes when the engine shuts off or restarts. You can also purposefully keep the V6 running during short stops, like when creeping through traffic or waiting at a stop sign. Depress the brake pedal only lightly at a stop and the engine won’t turn off; a warning in the trip computer advises pressing more firmly if you’re stopped for longer and want to shutdown the engine to save gas.
  • I actually like the new look. Don’t get me wrong, Acura still struggles to make classically pretty crossovers, but the new face on the 2017 MDX is futuristic and modern, rather than simply unusual. The skinny LED headlights look downright cool...