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This week, we have two main themes. One is new vehicle debuts, and the other is a follow-up from the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This year's Goodwood FoS was an exciting event. The Supercar Shootout didn't result in any new records, but the times were very close.

There were some crashes this year, too, including from old Formula One cars and classic racers. We plan to take a look at a few of them.

Gallery: 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

We also plan to check out some new vehicle debuts from this week. We saw the new Chevrolet Traverse, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Mercedes-AMG GLC.

Plus, there will be a cheap car challenge. A friend of Smith's in South Dakota is looking for a car for his son. He says it must be "a reliable car under 160,000 miles and priced under $3500, which doesn't need much work. It doesn't have to be pretty, it just needs to get from Point A to B and maybe C." To make the challenge harder, Smith says the car must be within a couple of hundred miles of Rapid City, South Dakota.

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