In the illustrious annals of automotive history, the Bentley Mulsanne will forever stand as a testament to luxury, craftsmanship, and regal elegance. Originally launched in 1980 and re-introduced again in 2009, the luxury sedan was retired as the brand’s flagship model in 2020, leaving the Flying Spur as the new range-topper. As the curtain fell on the production of this iconic model, Bentley recently welcomed the final masterpiece, a bespoke 2020 Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase, back to its spiritual home – the automaker’s Heritage Collection.

This particular Mulsanne holds a unique distinction. Commissioned by the late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, it was tailored for royal duties, showcasing an exterior adorned in solid Barnato green, complemented by an interior swathed in Twine and Cumbrian hide. The opulence extends to Burr Walnut wood veneers and deep lambswool carpets, creating an ambiance fit for royalty.

Gallery: 2020 Bentley Mulsanne returns to museum

The customization didn't stop there – rear privacy curtains, the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom inlaid into the door waistrails, and the removal of front center armrests to make way for a custom-sized tray, designed to cradle the Queen's handbag, all bear testimony to the bespoke nature of this regal chariot. The discreet inclusion of blue police lights, a siren, and a bullhorn, complete with a concealed switch panel behind a walnut-veneered door, underscores the vehicle's dual purpose.

When power was needed, the Mulsanne delivered. Under the hood, there’s a 6.75-liter V8 engine delivering 537 horsepower sent to the rear 21-inch wheels through an eight-speed ZF-sourced automatic gearbox. 

As this bespoke Mulsanne takes its place in Bentley's Heritage Collection, it joins esteemed company. Alongside the second Mulsanne ever built, VIN 0002 from 2010, and a 2019 Mulsanne Speed that once served on Bentley's press fleet, it forms part of a larger 45-car collection. This assemblage, two and a half years into a three-year rebuilding program, aims to comprehensively narrate Bentley's illustrious 104-year history through its diverse family of cars.

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