We’ve heard many different rumors about the quality and reliability of modern Alfa Romeo vehicles. If you research your next ride on Reddit or through comments in Facebook groups, you’ll probably never buy a new car from the Italian automaker. But as is often the case, the coin has two sides.

Motor1.com isn’t a reliability research agency and instead, we like to listen to what owners have to say. In this case, the video at the top of this page features a red Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio being reviewed by its owner after five years of ownership and around 34,175 miles (55,000 kilometers) on the road. 

This particular car was delivered new to a customer in Japan five years ago and has so far been generally reliable, according to its current owner. However, one major problem with the engine happened some time ago, after which the manufacturer replaced the entire engine under warranty.

Apparently, the driver was pushing the car hard and was keeping the engine in the high rev range. He says the timing belt snapped but the Giulia QV doesn’t have a timing belt but a timing chain. We think he meant the accessory belt snapped, which caused cooling issues ultimately leading to a blown engine.

This has been the Alfa’s only mechanical issue so far but there have been additional and significantly smaller problems inside the cabin. The owner says the infotainment system doesn’t always work properly and the instrument cluster freezes sometimes. But this car’s owner is most disappointed by the depreciation of more than 50 percent over five years. 

How is the performance, how is the handling? Should you buy a new or used Alfa Romeo Giulia? Answers to these and more questions can be found in the video at the top of this page.

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