Ford and Corning have announced the 2017 GT will be equipped with the industry-first Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield that brings many advantages compared to regular glass.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass technology is making the jump from smartphones to supercars as a newly developed hybrid glass will be fitted on the 2017 GT. It will be around 30% lighter and 25-50% thinner than a conventional glass windshield and will also be used at the back for the engine cover. Compared to a traditional glass used on today's cars, the new one will have equal or even greater strength.

At the same time, it’s going to be more robust thanks to contaminant reduction, a unique edge treatment, and chemical strengthening. Ford and Corning have tested the Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield in rough road conditions to verify its durability and it has also gone through rollover and wind tunnel testing.

The 2017 GT supercar will also use a bespoke glass combination for the bulkhead panel between the passenger cell and the engine bay which will bring additional weight savings to boost performance.

The Blue Oval company hints this technology will eventually be trickled down to more humble Ford models with a price tag substantially lower than the GT’s approximate $400,000 sticker.

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