The Chevrolet Corvette is entering the 2023 model year and the automaker released updated pricing details about the sports car’s range earlier this month. We’ll remind you what the prices are in a bit, but first, let’s talk about how many Corvettes the manufacturer produced for the 2022 model year.

The National Corvette Museum has the final production data for the 2022 Corvette and it shows a total of 25,831 cars were produced. Exactly 52.1 percent of those were coupes with the other 47.9 being from the convertible type. As you can see, there’s equal demand for both body styles of Chevy’s sports car. 

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It is also interesting to learn that Torch Red was the most popular color choice for the previous model year. Arctic White came second followed by Hypersonic Gray and another red hue – Red Mist, which was the fourth most popular color for the 2022 Corvette. Here’s the complete color lineup and the number of sales it registered for the 2022 MY:

  • Torch Red 4,147
  • Arctic White 3,603
  • Hypersonic Gray 3,291
  • Red Mist 3,274
  • Black 2,766
  • Rapid Blue 2,261
  • Elkhart Lake Blue 1,412
  • Amplify Orange 1,375
  • Ceramic Matrix Gray 1,202
  • Accelerate Yellow 1,193
  • Silver Flare 922
  • Caffeine 385

The statistics also show the most popular performance package was the Z51, which was put on 68.6 percent of all produced cars. Of all 25,831 cars, just 442 were right-hand drive 2022 Corvettes – 212 of those were delivered to customers in Australia and New Zealand. Chevrolet also produced 693 cars for Europe.

With the 2023 Corvette now in production, pricing for the Z06 coupe starts at $106,395, while the Z06 Convertible kicks off at $113,895. The order books for the new model open on July 28. The Corvette Stingray, meanwhile, has a base price of $64,200 for the 2023 MY. The Chevrolet Corvette 2LT coupe is $72,895 with destination, while the 3LT is $77,545.

The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe is available in 12 exterior colors with the Corvette Convertible getting the same 12 hues. Eight of these colors are free of charge, two cost $500, and two cost $995.

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