An old friend once said that manners maketh man, but in the case of automobiles, colors maketh car – I’m not sure if you’ll agree but I strongly believe that your car’s color says a lot about you. Some might prefer their cars to be in black, while some, no matter eccentric it sounds, prefers their precious machines in outrageous colors.

Probably among the best traits of the 2020 Corvette Stingray is its wide choice of color options. This might be mundane for some, but for those concerned, the Corvette C8 is available in 12 different colors.

Now, if Chevy's online visualizer of the mid-engined Corvette isn’t giving you the satisfaction to see what color suits you, maybe this compilation will.

Gallery: 12 Colors Of 2020 Corvette Stingray Compiled

The video, as compiled by Youtube user Supercar Ranch, shows real-world photos and videos of the Corvette C8 in its 12 different color options. These are either actual encounters with a prototype, an official exhibition, or just some spy video randomly floating around the interwebs, we can’t help but applaud the effort put into compiling this short video.

Of note, he wasn’t able to find actual footage of the Corvette in Accelerate Yellow, but he included one from the online visualizer and a paint sample to give you an idea.

Even better, the uploader also included the time stamps for each color to serve as your guide. Here’s a rundown of that: Arctic White (0:40); Black (0:55); Torch Red (1:35); Ceramic Grey (2:22); Zeus Bronze (3:25); Long Beach Red (3:44); Shadow Grey (4:28); Sebring Orange (4:38); Elkhart Lake Blue (9:33); Blade Silver (10:44); Rapid Blue (10:54); Accelerate Yellow (13:12).

Out of all these colors, the Zeus Bronze, Rapid Blue, and Accelerate Yellow are the newest additions to the Corvette palette. Coincidentally, two of these are my personal favorite, which would be the Zeus Bronze and Rapid Blue. They’re like two ends of a spectrum – one’s a bit boring but elegant while the other’s outgoing, loud, and attention-grabbing. But that’s just me.

How about you? Which of the 12 colors is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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