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Does your 2021 Chevy Suburban seem to lack in the ballistic armor department? For some the inability to block heavy rifle fire is a deal-breaker, but luckily Canada based Inkas Armored is here to help. The fully customized 2021 Chevy Suburban built by Inkas Armored takes the family-friendly Suburban and transforms it into a road-friendly bunker that will blend in at any local supermarket parking lot.

The Inkas Armored Chevy Suburban is rated at CEN 1063 BR 6, which translates into the ability to block 7.62 assault rifle bullets traditionally used by the AK47, and against up to two DM51 hand grenade explosions. These are features that Chevy left out of the stock Suburban so this aftermarket build is your best bet to reach these levels of safety.

The Inkas Armored package includes entire perimeter armored protection, ballistic reinforced glass, stronger suspension, armored electrical systems, run-flat tires, and stronger door hinges. If this setup isn’t enough to excite you, Inkas has a host of optional extras like a PA system, sirens, upgraded braking system, fire suppression system, and reinforced wheels. All of these features help elevate your level of safety and also the useability of this much heavier Suburban. If you’re concerned about extra weight from the armor, Inkas even has a lightweight armor package to reduce the mass required to keep you safe.

The interior of this armored Suburban remains relatively stock thanks to the well-designed armor system that does not intrude on passengers.  This stealthy armored Suburban can keep its passengers safe from well-armed attackers while blending in with the world around us. That is no small feat considering just how strong this armor package is without being noticeable.

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