In essence, a camper van is in fact a tiny home. It makes sense, then, that a company focused on building tiny homes would step into the #vanlife world with a cool conversion. That’s exactly what we have here from Molecule Tiny Homes, which now offers van conversions starting at $25,000.

The company’s experience in small living is showcased in this high-roof, extended-length 2019 Ford Transit. It looks properly unassuming from the outside, but inside is awash with wood trim – a hallmark of tiny home construction. A small pass-through door effectively separates the cockpit from the rest of the van, and it does have all the amenities of home. A folding Murphy bed is located at the front of the living space, with the kitchen holding station in middle. The rear of the van features a small stand-up shower with a slide-out compost toilet and storage space.

Gallery: Molecule Tiny Homes Ford Transit Conversion

Specific details as far as power and water storage aren’t offered; presumably Molecule Tiny Homes can build vans to specific customer requests. Solar panels are available for the roof, and we can spy a refrigerator in the kitchen along with an array of 110-volt power outlets. The folding bed platform also serves as a dining table, and it appears there’s even a kennel for pets built into its base. A properly small wood-burning fireplace is available for heat, though the company says gas heating is available. An array of water tanks and pump systems are also mentioned.

It’s an interesting take on a full-service camper, and an impressive first-effort from this company. The extensive wood finish for just about everything certainly makes this upfit feel more like a house instead of a converted van, and with conversion prices starting at $25,000 (not including the vehicle) it could be a viable alternative to those wanting something different for extended on-road adventures.

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