The Ram ProMaster is very popular for camper conversions, and this 2019 model by SKALA Conversions recently caught our eye. It’s not often you find a van with a 136-inch wheelbase outfitted with a kitchen, queen-size bed, and a fully-operational bathroom with shower. This conversion pulls it off thanks to some very clever use-of-space, and if you really love it, $69,500 will put it in your garage.

What kind of camper does that kind of cash get you? The interior of this ProMaster offers similar amenities to what you’d find in a much larger motorhome. It starts with an impressive water supply that includes a 30-gallon tank for freshwater, and a 33-gallon grey water tank. For taking warm showers, there’s a 2.7-gallon Bosch electric hot water heater.

The bathroom is actually located beneath the queen bed, which folds up via pivoting platform when not in use. Yes, that means one person can’t shower while the other sleeps, but the portable toilet mounted in the shower is removable, so the facilities can be used whenever the need arises without disturbing the bedroom.

Gallery: SKALA Conversions Ram ProMaster Camper Conversion

Photos used with permission of Skala Conversions

Utilizing the folding bed over the bathroom creates a small garage at the rear of the van, which is where water is stored along with HVAC systems and a 2,000-watt portable generator. Speaking of power, solar panels on the roof are good for 300 watts of electricity. A 30-amp solar charge control, 400-Ah deep cycle house battery, 20-amp DC-to-DC battery charger, and a 2000-watt inverter are also part of the package. Using that power is everything from an 8,000-BTU air conditioner/dehumidifier to a small 3.5 cubic-foot refrigerator.

Aside from the fridge, the kitchen area features a large sink and a 700-watt microwave. It doesn’t feature a built-in stove, but a portable unit is included for cooking indoors or outdoors. A nifty swivel table creates a modest dining area inside the van, and it’s four-season capable thanks to insulated walls, roof, and a diesel-powered heater.

Full info on this compact camper is available on SKALA Conversions’ Facebook page, which you can see at the source link below.

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