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Italdesign has revealed two concepts in Geneva powered by the engine inside the Lamborghini Gallardo.

The Italian design house has been in VW Group's portfolio since 2010 and now they have brought a coupe and a roadster which borrow a few styling cues from sports cars and crossovers but with a touch of Lamborghini. Both of them have enough space for two people and measure 4530mm long, 2070mm wide and 1335mm tall, tipping the scales at 3,417 lbs (1,550 kg).

Power comes from the familiar V10 5.2-liter from the Gallardo which produces 550 HP (404 kW) and sits behind the passenger area. The power unit is mated to a double-clutch, seven-speed automatic transmission sending those ponies to all four 22-inch alloy wheels.

Thanks to this setup, the Italdesign Giugiaro Parcour Coupe and Roadster will do the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint in 3.6 seconds before reaching a top speed of 199 mph (320 km/h).

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