Put your relationship to the test by giving your partner control of one front wheel.

Master Milo on YouTube is at it again, and this time the crazy car guru has outdone himself. Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes this epic Opel Corsa build with two steering wheels, and yes, they both work. It’s better than that, however, because each controls just a single front wheel. The passenger steers the right side while the driver controls the left. Honestly, we can’t understand why automakers don’t offer this as an option. Okay, maybe we understand just a little.

The first half of the video chronicles the build. In short, the Opel’s steering rack was removed and sliced up to allow independent movement of the front wheels. A steering wheel with all the necessary linkages was mounted on the passenger side, and though the video makes it look simple, we’d love to see the outtakes on getting this to work properly. But work it does, and the result is just as hilarious as you’d imagine.

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Actually, we’re suitably impressed at how well the duo controls the car. We’re assuming the steering ratios aren’t quite the same from left to right, and with only one tire turning we image getting a feel for the steering angle is all but impossible. Of course, there’s the requisite tomfoolery where each person steers in different directions. There are a few times though where they sync up pretty darned well.  And rather amazingly, nothing breaks up front.

Could this bonkers build be the ultimate test of trust for petrolheads in love? Everyone (yes, everyone) has argued over directions with a significant other while driving somewhere. Maybe you were in the driver's seat, or maybe you were a passenger. What if each of you could simply turn the wheel? Could you work together, or would you end up embedded into a tree because you refused to admit being wrong?

Yeah, we’d be in the tree too.

Source: mastermilo82 via YouTube